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          Our pricing is simple, and fees are pretty straightforward. Any visit in your home for dog walking or cat sitting is usually about a half-hour and might consist of a walk or play time plus affection. Let us know if treats are allowed. If you plan a visit at meal time we will be glad to feed your pet, wash and refill a fresh bowl of water, and administer oral medication if you request, at no additional charge. We want to get to know your pet and will keep your pet's best interests at the forefront of time spent with him or her.


Where we go and the duration depends on your dog's age, physical condition, possibly the weather, and what you feel your dog needs. Walking is an important part of a dog's daily life from a structured exercise point of view but also for his or her satisfation. A dog likes to know who or what has been on or near his domain.


     *Each additional dog, add $2



The Visit. Catsitting may be necessary only once or twice a day, but even the most independent cats like a visit. We can tell you if they are eating well, freshen the litter, give a clean water bowl and a treat to let them know someone will always be coming back. We will offer them play, affection and brushing - most do indulge us - but we know cats well enough to play by their rules.


     *Each additional cat or other pet, $2.




Overnight Stays can be a happy solution to the problem of having to leave town. Of course your pets will miss you, but they can be at home with a trusted friend. 


     *Each additional pet, $5.



Overnight service includes bringing in your mail, watering your houseplants (a reasonable amount, please), light rotation if needed and generally establishing that someone is at home during the time you are away. 

*No charge.

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Pawsies is licensed by the State of NJ, bonded and insured. Responsible business people you can feel comfortable having in your home.

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